Canning Peaches

Karen Rose Ming

READ : 2 Peter 1:3-11

It’s September time to take our annual trip to the neighboring orchard to pick peaches. We find the trees heavy with fruit. The peaches are beautiful and delicious. We pick until our baskets are full, and then place them on the pickup truck.

The real work begins after we arrive home. There are no safe shortcuts in canning. First the fruit is inspected for spots and bruises, then peeled and carefully placed into the canning jars which have been washed and sterilized. Sugar and water are heated to make the sweet syrup. After the syrup has been poured in, the jars are sealed with lids and processed for the recommended time. It takes a great deal of preparation but how wonderful they’ll taste in the wintertime. The results will be worth it.

In our spiritual walk, preparations also determine the end results. We are to work toward making our calling and election sure. We begin by accepting Jesus Christ and putting our faith in Him. This changes us and we no longer live as if sin is our master. Instead, we earnestly seek to cultivate a life-style of godliness. Just as there are steps to preserving peaches, there is also a process the believer needs to go through constantly adding the qualities listed in the Scripture passage. The end result, eternal life, is definitely worth the preparation!

Are you in process?


Lord, help me to prepare for eternal life. Amen.