Karen Rose Ming

READ : Genesis 1:26-31
Genesis 2:1-2

One summer when Abbie-Jo was eight, I enrolled her in an activity called “Little Women” sponsored by the town’s historical society. The purpose was to expose young girls to the customs of yesteryear. They learned quilting, how to make soap, and even re-enacted a typical day in a one-room schoolhouse.

One day the emphasis was on the value of keepsakes, or family heirlooms. Abbie-Jo came home excited and wanted to know what we had in our family museum. “Your mother and I,” quipped Bruce with a smug grin. “No, Daddy,” sighed Abbie-Jo, “I mean what is in our family treasure box?”

God created us to be His treasures, but we became tarnished. When God had barely finished creating the universe and everything in it, man and woman sinned. Did God give up on us? No, for He had a divine plan. From Genesis to Revelation, we see God at work to restore a world marred by sin. He was even willing to send His Son to the cross!

For the believer, identity is in Christ. We recognize it is in Him that we are accepted and loved unconditionally. In Christ we are joint heirs to the kingdom. God decided you were a precious treasure so precious that He gave His Son in payment.

Keepsakes and family heirlooms will rust and wear out, but believers in Christ are eternal. We are the only treasure God is taking to heaven.


Lord, my worth is in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.