Karen Rose Ming

READ : Hebrews 4:1-16

While I was growing up, my parents had a car “named” Nellie Bell. I think my husband’s ought to be named Tidy Tillie. His trunk holds a cardboard box neatly packed with softball equipment like shoes, team shirt, glove and, of course, Granola snack bars.

Bruce’s car seems boring in comparison to mine. There are no neatly packed boxes in my trunk. Instead you’ll find artistic looking dried weeds, red felt, an insulated coffee mug and painting brushes.

My car has no name, but it has personality. Besides, my car talks to me, but I don’t always listen. When it says, “Knock, knock,” I ignore it. Then I pull into the driveway and Bruce greets me with, “Is your car making a funny noise? You better take it to Gary.” “I will.” I assure him.

Days later the knocking becomes even louder! The words of Gary, my kind, soft- spoken mechanic, echo in my mind. “Karen, when your car talks to you, bring it in immediately.” I can no longer ignore the noise even if there’s no time to clean out the car. Oh, why did I wait so long to heed Gary’s advice?

When Jesus left this earth, He gave us the Holy Spirit. Through His indwelling presence, we are able to sense areas in our own lives that need repairing. He convicts us to hear the noise to know when something is not right. We must not ignore what we hear and “fix” it tomorrow. Are you listening today?


Lord, help me listen to the voice of Your Spirit. Amen.