Karen Rose Ming

READ : Matthew 9:35-38
Matthew 10:23, 40-42

My brother raises honeybees. They live in portable hives and are rented by farmers and fruit growers for pollination. Don has found the bees fascinating! In fact, he has become a walking encyclopedia about the habits of bees. I have been “informed” that the honeybee flies at a speed of approximately 15 miles an hour and bees have “assigned jobs.”

One of the “assigned jobs” is that of scout bee. Scout bees fly around looking for the best nectar. When they find it, they bring samples back to the hive. Then they tell the other bees where to find the good nectar. The scout bees know how to give directions because they have a natural compass built into their eye. This compass is sensitive to light from the sun and based on the sun’s location, gives the reading of south, north, east, or west.

As believers, we have a built-in compass which allows us to see the Son. How we position ourselves to the Son determines what kind of food we are gathering to share with others. Jesus said, “The workers are few.” Families, neighbors, and the world need to know of the sweet nectar we have found in Jesus Christ. Our love for Him motivates us.

Is your gaze fixed on the Son? Are you helping others to find Him?


Lord, help me to point others in the direction of Your Son. Amen.