Meet Again

Karen Rose Ming

READ : John 3:1-16

“Grandma, read to us from the teddy bear book.” At one time, the pages were blank, but now they contain the sayings of my grandsons.

An entry for Jacob, age 5: As Jacob passed my flower garden on the way to the pond, he remarked, “Maybe it helps the flowers grow but I sure don’t like all the `manuring’ around here.”

And Jan, age 5: “Grandma, I want to go splash, splash, barefoot in the deep.”

Yes, precious Jan did just that! The waters around him were deep. A chronic liver disease caused Jan difficulties. He was a courageous fighter. Through it all his contagious smile reflected God’s special love. Then one January day God said, “Enough of this struggling in deep waters, Jan.” His brother Jacob, Auntie Abbie-Jo, Grandpa and this Grandma carried the little white velvet coffin covered with seven yellow roses one for each year to the graveyard.

Parting with Jan was difficult but there is good news! We’ll see Jan again in heaven. It is because God conquered death through His Son Jesus Christ that I will see my precious grandson again.

At Jan’s funeral, his mommy, Jo-Ellen and Auntie Abbie-Jo chose to sing “I’ve Got A Home on High.” One of the lines in the song says, “…we’ll meet our family there.” Are you going to heaven? Will you meet your family there?


Lord, thank You for the promise of heaven. Amen.