Timeless Truths

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Genesis 3:9-19

Medical students are told that within five years what they have learned will be obsolete. Scientific theories change almost as rapidly as computer technology.

Are there timeless truths upon which we can build our understanding of humanity? It is fascinating to read that medical doctors are asking this same question. Recently a conference was held at Harvard Medical School. The participants noted that there are three factors contributing to wellness: medical care, drugs, and the spiritual. Now it is “politically correct” for us to look at the issue.

From the Bible we learn that humanity male and female was created in the image of God. A great tragedy happened through disobedience, causing a profound dislocation between the Creator and His creation, between men and women, within ourselves, and with nature. Men live with stress as they seek to make a living. Women suffer the pain of childbirth. And nature is red in tooth and claw. The whole creation groans and travails, seeking for salvation. The end result of trying to make it on our own is death.

But wait! The good news is that our Creator did not abandon us. The Bible is filled with timeless, unchanging wisdom, pointing us to ways in which our bodies can be healed through gifted healers, and our spirits can be redeemed through the Great Physician.


Thank You, Lord, for the unchanging truths in the Bible, and for gifted medical and spiritual healers. Amen.