Why Do We Suffer?

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Job 42:1-6

Was the Book of Job an ancient play? What it illustrates is the lovingkindness of God to sustain us in all circumstances. A person who is good and righteous in all his or her ways is a target for the enemy, the power of evil. Yet the story demonstrates that our Sovereign’s grace overrules the most devastating calamities. It also leaves us with no simple answers as to why we suffer.

Job’s faith gave wings to his prayers and brought eventual healing. He came to the point where he could say. “Though he kill me, yet I will trust in him” (13:15, kjv). His integrity developed under stress. He also came to realize that good might come from his suffering: “he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come forth like gold” (23:11).

His friends were miserable comforters, physicians of no value. Seeking for simple answers, they accused him of sin, or of lack of faith.

An elderly friend was dying of a fatal disease. A new Christian, filled with self-importance, said she could be healed if she had enough faith. He later refused to attend her funeral, blaming her for her illness and death. We need humility and a willingness to acknowledge there are no simple answers about suffering.


Lord, give us humility as we seek to be vehicles for Your grace to those who suffer. Protect us from false hope. For Christ’s sake. Amen.