Healing for Depression

Calvin Malefyt

READ : 1 Kings 17:1-7

Elijah, the prophet of God, learned that the One who calls us can meet our deepest needs. He had been engaged in an exhausting struggle with the forces of evil among the people of God. First he was fed by ravens. This was miraculous, because ravens typically take food from others; they do not share. After demonstrating the power of God on Mount Carmel, Elijah went into acute depression, wanting to die. The Lord lifted his spirits.

A friend of mine was serving a congregation of unloving, self- centered people. He felt he was being chewed to pieces, with no one caring for him. He sank into acute depression. He wanted to die.

He was sitting near a rushing stream when a morning warbler flitted near and perched within fifteen feet of him. The warbler began to sing. He told the bird how he felt. The bird would cock its head and then chirp back a reply. The remarkable exchange went on for twenty-five minutes. This pastor believes the warbler was sent as a messenger from God to lift his spirits. Did not Jesus say we are loved even more than sparrows for which He cares.

Sometimes by murmuring streams we learn our deepest lessons. As Elijah was fed by the ravens, so this minister’s depression was ultimately healed through the warbler.


Thank You, Lord, for lifting those who are fallen down. Amen.