Wash and be Clean

Calvin Malefyt

READ : 2 Kings 5:8-15

It is possible to want to remain sick. A person can be filled with self-pity: “poor me.” One can get a lot of sympathy that way. Or one can develop an attitude of “learned helplessness.” It is hard to let go of familiar ways and launch out by faith. There are many emotional cripples in the world. Indeed, sometimes we may give up and no longer seek for health.

Naaman had suffered much from his leprosy. Sickness can humble the greatest: it is no respecter of persons. In his desperate search for healing he was willing to go to any lengths, to make any sacrifice, to pay any price. He even went to the king of Israel, who was powerless to help.

Elisha now came to the rescue, with a humiliating order: the General must dip seven times in the dirty Jordan River. Only when the soldier swallowed his pride and was willing to trust and obey did he receive healing: “his flesh was restored . . . like the flesh of a young boy” (v. 14, niv).

Our Lord invites us to trust Him and prove the reality of His gracious provision for our temporal need. Has He not promised to be the Physician of our bodies and spirits, working through various means, to bring us wholeness?


Lord, “grant purpose to the Church as it seeks to carry on Christ’s ministry of healing to suffering humanity.” Amen. (RCA Liturgy).