Walk Through Your Pain

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Psalm 23:1-6

Last year I was hiking one night in the Adirondacks. I did not see a hole in an old bridge. My foot plunged in and a leg bone broke. Dr. Preston set it with a plate, six screws, and a cast. Six thousand dollars later I was hobbling around on crutches. After a month the doctor advised me, “Walk through your pain. This is part of the healing process.” The x- rays showed that at the break, my leg would be much stronger because the bone mass had increased.

We experience much pain in life. We make mistakes, and often we suffer the consequences of ill-advised and inconsiderate actions. We also cause others unnecessary heartache. God forgives us, but we must walk through our pain. His rod and His staff are used for our instruction and our comfort. The Lord chastens the children He loves.

The Good Shepherd walks with us at such times. He has promised that His goodness and lovingkindness will accompany us. He will teach us and heal us. Often He overrules the consequences. Did He not promise He would be with us at all times, even when we walk through the deepest darkness? As we mature in our fellowship with Him, we’ll discover there will be greater strength at our weakest points.


Good Shepherd, have mercy on us, forgive our foolish ways and heal us. By Your Holy Spirit strengthen us at our weak points. In our Savior’s name. Amen.