A Promise Fulfilled

Calvin Malefyt

READ : 1 Samuel 1:12-20

Childless couples can be encouraged by Hanna’s answer to prayer. As she wrestled in prayer, with groanings which could not be uttered, she emptied out her feelings and the peace of God filled her. She went home rejoicing, knowing that the Almighty God had heard her prayer and granted her request. Some months later, Samuel, child of promise, was born.

A young couple attending our church was in a serious auto accident. The wife’s pelvis was broken in three places. Her doctor said she could never bear children. After her bones were healed we prayed that God could give them children. The Lord heard us and they now have three.

Is anything too hard for the Lord? He works through our prayers to bring remarkable healings, including those through dedicated health professionals. If He says “No” to our groanings, there may be another purpose which He will show us. I have known of childless couples who parented the fatherless and orphans. Still others who have never married have nurtured hurting people and been channels of Divine grace to the wounded.

Are you filled with bitterness and anguish over some disappointment in life? The Lord invites us to exchange these feelings for His presence, purpose, and peace.


We are comforted, O Lord, to know that as we cast our cares upon You, we shall be sustained. Amen.