Created in God's Image

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Psalm 139:13-19, 23-24

The more we know about the formation of the human body, the greater will be our awe. Every part has a purpose, and complements all the other parts. Consider, for example, the wonder of conception. The beginnings of a human being can be seen under a microscope within two weeks of the fertilization of the egg. Within five months the fetus will respond to the mother’s feelings, for it can hear. Recall how John the Baptist leaped in his mother’s womb when Mary announced the coming of Jesus.

Occasionally, to save the life of the mother, an abortion is necessary. If done for any other reason, the mother suffers from the choice. Years later, psychologists note, she often will experience “post- traumatic stress syndrome,” with guilt and grief buffeting her emotions.

Dr. William Wilson, Professor of Psychiatry at Duke University, noted that 68% of young women who came to him suffering from eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia) had chosen an abortion. After he spoke at our church on this subject a young woman came, asking for help. She had had an abortion and struggled with digestive problems: she was very thin. We prayed together and she received the assurance of forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ.


Thank You, Lord, for the miracle of birth. Protect all pregnant mothers, and babies soon to be born. Heal those who suffer from the loss of a child. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.