When There is No Miracle

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Psalm 42:1-11

Life is uncertain. Each day we live comes as a gift from our heavenly Sustainer. Our trust in Him must continue, even though He does not always answer our prayers for healing the way we wish.

Just before I left on a two-week trip I received a call from a parishioner: “Calvin, an x-ray has revealed that I have a lump, and tests indicate that it is malignant.” We met together for prayer and claimed all the promises for healing that came to mind. We commended her life into the compassionate care of the Great Physician for full protection during and after surgery. When I returned I was surprised to hear her exclaim, “The lump disappeared: I have been healed!” The doctors assumed they had mis-diagnosed the condition.

Several years ago another young woman had a lump removed. She was told everything was fine. She died last fall, with cancer throughout her body.

There are no easy answers as to why one woman was healed and the other was not. When there is no miracle in answer to our prayers we can only ask that the One who is merciful will bring us through our pain, grief, and anger, and sustain us in our time of loss. We look forward to that day when our Lord will abolish all sickness and death.


Father, have mercy upon us: our times are in Your hands. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.