Change Your Lifestyle

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Psalm 107:17-22

We often create our own illness by what we choose: choices have consequences. A person drives recklessly and injures himself. A student becomes sick because she is not getting enough sleep. A man has a heart attack because he is overweight and does not get enough exercise. A teenager is sexually active and becomes infected with a fatal disease. A person spends no time in fellowship with the Lord and experiences a leakage of spiritual power.

There is a law of the harvest in a moral universe that we reap what we sow. Therefore it is important to take charge of our lives. The first step is to confess to God that we need His help. Through Jesus Christ we are forgiven. Because our bodies are the temples of His Holy Spirit He will give us strength to make the right choices.

Eating the right spiritual food will nourish the inner life. David called the Lord’s promises sweeter than honey. In keeping God’s commands, he said, there is great reward.

Doctors are giving much attention to “preventive health care.” Be responsible for your own health spiritually, morally, and physically. Then you will not need constant emergency help. Change your lifestyle!


“O God . . . You have heard the confession of our hearts. Now grant us Your mercy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord, who came into the world to rescue us from sin and bring us to life in Him. Amen.” (RCA Liturgy).