Deliverance from the Demonic

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Matthew 8:28-32

Clearly these men were out of control and were a hazard to themselves and others. They were excluded from society, as we today often isolate the elderly, the poor, and the handicapped. At one time the more sophisticated did not believe in demon possession: if you are educated enough you can disbelieve anything! Now, however, we have seen enough evil in the world to believe in the reality of the demonic.

Jesus released the men from the alien power and they were observed to be sitting calmly, clothed, and of sound mind. Ironically, the residents who saw their livelihood removed valued the pigs more than the sanity of the men.

I was called to the hospital by a family whose son was in intensive care and not expected to live. His wife and I met in the chapel where I began a spiritual inventory. Had he or she made themselves vulnerable by breaking any of God’s laws? She began to cry. She was involved with another man, and also had been dabbling in the occult.

We prayed together with much difficulty. She received forgiveness after confessing her wrong to the Lord. We returned to the dying patient. Within minutes doctors appeared to say they had misdiagnosed his condition and began a new treatment procedure. Several days later he was released from the hospital.


Thank You, Father, for delivering us from the power of sin and Satan. Through Christ. Amen.