Contaning Jesus

Calvin Malefyt

READ : John 9:24-34

Jesus created many problems when He gave sight to the blind beggar. It was done on the Jewish Sabbath, a holy day when tradition taught that nothing should be done to relieve suffering.

The disciples tried to pinpoint blame: who sinned? Neither the man nor his parents, said Jesus, “but that God’s grace might be revealed.”

The religious leaders denied the miracle because it was not under their control and according to their rules. It rattled them, even as the educated world today rejects anything miraculous or supernatural.

His parents valued their good church standing, fearing either discipline or excommunication if they acknowledged his profound change.

Then begins the “deconstruction.” How can a “sinner” perform miracles? The man must not have been blind! We are the ones with the correct credentials: we are disciples of Moses, not Jesus.

The healed man would not be silenced. When the light of Christ shines into a life the darkness is not able to overcome it. God’s action doesn’t always follow our preconceived notions. Jesus will not be put in a box.

Jesus wants to make us whole. Will unbelief hinder Him?


“O God, who in Jesus Christ called us out of the darkness into Your marvelous light; enable us always to declare Your wonderful deeds. Amen.” (RCA Liturgy).