Faith That Heals

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Mark 5:24-34

For twelve painful years the hemorrhaging woman had tried many doctors, many of whom promised cures. She spent all she had but only got worse. Her faith in Jesus’ saving power prompted her to reach out and touch His garment. Instantly she was healed.

We can be thankful for dedicated health professionals and for medical discoveries. Nevertheless doctors are baffled by some diseases and often order many expensive tests as they experiment.

There is a great desire among patients that their doctors talk with them about their religious beliefs. A study at East Carolina University Hospital indicated that among 203 patients, 77% said physicians should consider patients’ spiritual needs; 48% wanted their physicians to pray with them, believing that diagnosis, prayer, and healing were interrelated.

I once went for a swim in Walden Pond, outside of Boston. This spot was made famous by Henry David Thoreau, nineteenth-century environmentalist. The pond was polluted and my eyes became infected. I went from one eye specialist to another, seeking relief, but my eyes only got worse.

An old family doctor began treating my blood-red eyes for an allergy reaction. My eyes were quickly healed. “Praise the Lord,” he exclaimed. “That was an answer to prayer.” He was God’s instrument.


Lord, in our need we reach out by faith to touch You and receive all the benefits of Your salvation. Amen.