Healing of Memories

Calvin Malefyt

READ : Luke 4:16-21
Hebrews 4:15-16

Jesus came with the authority of the Triune God to heal all our emotional and physical weaknesses. Hebrews asserts that He knows what trauma we have experienced; He has been there, yet without sin. He can heal us from emotionally crippling memories, those strongholds that can block our joy and hinder our effectiveness.

For years I was fearful of speaking in public. I agonized before giving a sermon. I questioned my call to the ministry. A friend discussed with me my childhood, and we explored the source of my fears.

My father, a minister, was in failing health in the last years of his life. My mother alerted my sisters and me to the possibility he might collapse in the pulpit. In that event I was to rush out and call an ambulance, while my sisters helped the elders to continue the service. From then on, if my father hesitated or cleared his throat I would freeze with fright.

Through insight and prayer I was able to claim that Jesus understood my fear and had died on the cross and risen from the grave to free us from all such baggage. Now I delight to speak of His grace at every opportunity.

We need not live with our emotional handicaps, for Jesus has the power to set us free.


Jesus, thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to set us free from all crippling emotional wounds and memories. Amen.