The Prayer of Faith

Calvin Malefyt

READ : James 5:13-18

Here is a remarkable Divine promise for healing. This is a gift to the church, for the elders are to be involved. Oil is symbolic of the ministry of power through the Holy Spirit. Jesus spoke of the anointing of the Spirit when He began His public ministry of salvation and healing. Thus our trust cannot be in any “faith healers,” but in our Triune God.

Recently I asked a minister in our community if he believed in Divine healing. “No,” he replied, “but I know people in our congregation who have asked for anointing and prayer and have been healed. Yet I don’t understand it.”

Jerry, a friend, injured his back lifting bags of cement. For years he sought medical help from specialists. He lived with acute pain. A neurologist x-rayed him and found “disc matter” lodged between his vertebrae which prohibited movement.

Finally he cried to God for help, claiming James 1:6, “Ask in faith, never doubting.” He asked the elders of his church to anoint him with oil and to pray for his healing. Within two weeks his back was 95% better. Next, he began lifting weights. He is fully recovered. A medical miracle? I believe God answers prayer.


“May the hands of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, rest upon [us] now in Divine blessing and healing. May the cleansing stream of His pure life fill [our] whole being, body, mind and spirit, to strengthen and heal [us]. Amen. (RCA Liturgy).