Surrendering to God's Will

Grace Law

READ : Matthew 6:10
Matthew 26:36-42

It’s not easy to accept God’s will in all the circumstances of life. When something bad happens, the first question we ask is “Why?” But, by allowing trouble to come into our lives, God can make us more aware of His love and power. We do not understand His ways, but we know that God is good.

Many people never think about their sins or their need for salvation until they face the need for God’s help in some difficult situation. It is then they give their lives to Him in the hope that God’s response will be His help or healing. Many times sickness or trouble continues, but they are given peace knowing God is in control. By submitting to God they can surrender their will to His, and this can open the way for Him to perform His miracles.

Catherine Marshall, a well-known author, experienced this when she struggled to overcome the ravages of tuberculosis. The question “Why don’t I get better?” caused her great distress until she read about surrendering her will to God’s will. This encouraged her to accept the belief that God is good regardless of circumstances. She then experienced a beautiful vision of Jesus which led to her healing. Submitting to God’s will can bring us His mercy, love and peace. May God give you the grace to do so.


Help us, Lord, to surrender our lives to You knowing You hold us in Your hands, molding us to Your perfection. In Jesus’ name. Amen.