The Lord's Prayer

Grace Law

READ : Matthew 6:5-13

One of the most beloved passages in the Bible is “the Lord’s Prayer.” It is a prayer of perfect assurance, for when we pray “Our Father in heaven,” we are asserting that God is really our heavenly Father. This prayer tells us to hold His name in reverence. It guarantees us that God’s Kingdom is coming, and that our daily needs can be met, even as our sins can be forgiven. It assures us of getting strength for the trials of life that lie ahead of us. No matter how hard yesterday was, or today is, with God we can have a better tomorrow.

The Lord’s Prayer is the prayer often used in churches as a conclusion to the pastoral prayer, and is usually recited aloud by the congregation. It has been set to music in various versions and tunes and is sometimes sung at weddings while the bride and groom kneel at the altar. What a wonderful way to begin married life together!

God gives us explicit instructions in the verses before this prayer that we are not to pray like the hypocrites (persons who make believe they are praying when they are not, but just want to impress others). What He commands us to do is pray this beautiful and powerful prayer sincerely. Every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer, let us think of the words.


Our Father in heaven, thank You for giving us this beautiful, positive prayer, and for the assurance it gives us of being with You some day in Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.