God Knows Wverything About Us

Grace Law

READ : Psalm 139:1-18

Whenever I read this beautiful Psalm, a special memory comes to my mind. Nineteen years ago, my son was in a hospital in New York recovering from surgery to correct a problem involving his eyes. His eyes were covered with bandages so I read to him when I visited. Psalm 139 was one of his favorites. One day as I read it from the Living Bible, a nurse stood listening, and later remarked how beautiful it was. This opened up the way for us to testify to her about God’s perfect love. What a privilege to tell others about Christ.

God knows everything about us. He charts the path ahead of us. He knows when we hurt or are in pain. Others cannot feel our hurts, but God can. He is the only one who knows exactly what we feel or think. We can never get away from Him. How good to have someone who really cares.

God knows everything about us because He made us. The Psalmist thanks God for making our bodies so wonderfully complex (v. 16). God even saw us as human beings before we were born, not just fetuses. He has plans for each one of us. Who are we to go against God’s plans and kill unborn babies? I pray that this will speak to our hearts, and that we will all hold life to be precious.


Dear Lord, search our hearts; test our thoughts; point out anything that makes You sad; and lead us along the path of everlasting life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.