Neglected Talents

Grace Law

READ : Matthew 25:14-30

The parables of Jesus are stories told by Him to help us understand what He is saying. The parable of the talents is God’s way of encouraging us to use our abilities; not to bury them. The talent referred to here was an amount of money. One talent may have been worth more than a thousand dollars. A talent is also referred to as an ability. It can be some special skill that we possess.

Some refer to talents as gifts from God and indeed they are. God has bestowed each and every one of us with some unusual talent or talents. Even people who are mentally or physically disabled find they are gifted in doing something. Talents are given to every Christian to glorify God and to benefit others.

In this parable, God is telling us to be faithful in using our talents. Are we burying them because we are afraid to use them? It is only as we cultivate them that we can discover our resources. We may think we aren’t capable of doing what the Lord wants us to do, but because He gave us these talents, we can find great pleasure in using them for Him.

What talent has He given you? Is it buried? Dig it up and use it! You will be glad you did! You will please God, you will be a blessing to others, and you will be rewarded.


Lord Jesus, stir us with anticipation and joy, and give us whatever we need in order to use our talents for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.