A Word From Where?

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 1:19-23

The priests and Levites the official clergy of the day were understandably skeptical about this person who was attracting large crowds in the wilderness. After all, this man named John had separated himself from normal society, had no special theological training, wore a camel-hair coat, and relied for protein on a high-locust diet. What right did he have to call people to repentance and to baptize? And by what authority was he announcing that the long-awaited Messiah was about to appear?

The message of this person who was “crying out in the wilderness” (v. 23), of course, turned out to be the authentic word of the Lord.

Is it possible, I wonder, that God’s authentic and prophetic message today could be coming from the “wilderness”? From a third-world Christian? From someone outside the traditional church structure? From a person who never went to seminary? From someone “far to the left” or “far to the right”? From a woman? From a teenager? From someone who is critical of the contemporary church? From someone who dresses differently than the rest of us? From a person who, rather than making us feel good, is calling us to repent?


Give us the spiritual insight, Lord God, to hear Your word even if it comes from people and places we might not expect. Amen.