The Rev. Dr. Nicodemus Makes a Visit

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 2:23-25
John 3:1-2

The Rev. Dr. James Nicodemus is a professor at one of the nation’s prestigious seminaries. He has Ph.D. in theology, and he wrote his dissertation on “A Comparison of the Soteriology of Emil Brunner and Rudolf Bultmann.” He can read Greek, Hebrew, French, Latin, and English. He has published articles in theological journals and has written several books. He has studied in Germany, England, and Cairo.

One night, dressed in a casual outfit instead of his usual suit, Professor Nicodemus slipped away to attend the evening service of a little country church about sixty miles away the kind of church that causes his colleagues to roll their eyes and make pitying remarks in the faculty lounge. Dr. Nicodemus was surprised at the number of cars parked on the gravel lot, on the lawn under the trees, and along the road. He slipped into a back seat, and soon, against his will, found himself getting caught up in the singing, even as the organist and pianist hit several sour notes.

When the service was over he went to his car and sat there until all the parishioners had left. Then he went back into the church and found the pastor, who was preparing to lock up.

“Pastor,” said the Rev. Dr. James Nicodemus, “do you have a few minutes to talk with me?”


Help us, Lord, to find true faith amidst all the trappings of religion. Amen.