The Gospel in a Capsul (II)

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 3:16-18

Today we continue our study of John 3:16 by reflecting on the relationship of pairs of words.

The second pair of words is LOVED and GAVE. (Reflect or discuss the relationship of these concepts.) True love is more than a feeling, a pleasurable sensation. True love gives, is willing to sacrifice itself. The person who loves reaches out. You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.

The third pair of words is WORLD and WHOSOEVER. (Reflect on or discuss.) God’s love is a very wide love, extending to all humankind, past, present, and future. Not one of us is beyond its scope. The invitation is open to “whoever,” regardless of life lived and distance wandered. Even when we despise ourselves, God loves us.

The fourth pair of words is BELIEVE and HAVE. (Reflect on or discuss.) Although God extends the invitation of salvation to all, He forces it on no one. God calls for response. In order to have, we must be willing to receive.

The fifth pair of words is ETERNAL LIFE and PERISH. (Reflect on or discuss.) How many options are there? I count only two. Riches and poverty, health and sickness all fade into relative insignificance when compared to the decision concerning eternity. We will either be with God or without Him.


When it comes to the ultimate decision, help me make the right one. Amen.