Creepy-Crawly things

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 3:19-21

If you have ever turned over a good-size rock, you’ve seen dozens of creepy-crawly things running helter-skelter, diving into holes in the soil or digging like mad to escape. Afraid of the light. Hating the light. Avoiding exposure. Retreating to the comfort of darkness.

Light is wonderful: it warms, it stimulates, it initiates life- generating processes, it shows the way. But to those who have something to hide, light is a negative: it exposes and judges. “Those who do what is true,” says Jesus, “come to the light” (v. 21).

To live in the light is to live in such a way:

That you have no fear of a tax audit. That you never have to worry that the story you are now telling will contradict the story you told before. That you won’t be embarrassed by the contents of the notes your teacher might intercept in class. That you never have to say, “Don’t ever call me at home.”

In other words, to walk in the light is to be free.

However successful we may be in keeping things hidden before others, we are constantly exposed to the light that shines so brightly that not only our words and deeds but even our thoughts are in full view of the One who never slumbers or sleep.

Is that comforting for you, or is it scary?


Help me to realize, Father, that I am always walking before You, under Your eye. Amen.