A Matter of Perspective

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 3:31-36

“The one who comes from above,” says John, “is above all; the one who is of the earth belongs to the earth and speaks about earthly things” (v. 31).

“The one who comes from above” is, of course, Jesus Christ. Who are those “of the earth”? Probably the most influential people our world has to offer: the philosophers, politicians, scholars, novelists, script-writers, commentators, media programmers, editors, movie makers, and ad writers.

These are the folks that mold our values, control our goals, influence what we buy, influence how we treat one another, and affect what we believe. Some of these influences are good, some are bad, and most of them are in-between. But none of them see the whole picture; they are “of the earth.”

That’s why turning to Christ is so important. As the only Son (v. 34) and as the eternal Word (see John 1:1-5), He sees things from a perspective far beyond the galaxies.

The difference between earthly perspective and the heavenly perspective is the difference between that of a ground squirrel at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and that of an eagle soaring above it. We, as Christians, have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon through the eyes of an eagle. Why would we want to trade that perspective for that of a ground squirrel?


Lord, help me gain a perspective which transcends human limitations. Amen.