No, Virginia ,God Isn't Like Santa Clause (II)

LeRoy Koopman

READ : Matthew 10:16-23

God is different from Santa Claus in another way, Virginia. God is a God for mature faith.

Sooner or later, Virginia often with a little help from older kids children like you begin to question the logistics of flying reindeer and universal overnight delivery. In other words, Santa is for the young. When the young grow up to be parents, they pass on the Santa faith to their young, and the cycle continues.

All too often the same stigma is attached to faith in God: it’s cute when kids sing “Jesus Loves Me” in Sunday school, but it is alleged to have little meaning for grownups who live in the real world of traffic, bills, and hormones. Faith, it is thought, is something to be outgrown when people become mature and sophisticated, somewhere between the ages of thirteen and seventeen. But when they have children of their own they will send them to Sunday school to sing “Jesus Loves Me,” and the cycle continues.

But the God revealed in the Bible is the Lord of all of life, a factor in our commerce, our relationships, our stewardship, our recreation. “The one who endures to the end,” said Jesus, “will be saved” (v. 22).

Faith is not just a childhood pleasantry. It’s a quality of life in every stage of passage, from birth to death and beyond.


Father, may my faith grow with me and be adequate for each new phase of my journey. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.