Back to Business

LeRoy Koopman

READ : Luke 2:15-20

Within a few days the Christmas decorations will come down, the trash collectors will pick up the discarded wrappings, and the tree will go out on the curb (or back in the attic). We’ll go back to our jobs and back to school.

After visiting the Christ child, the shepherds returned to their flocks, back to business, back to the mundane drudgery of making a living.

But it wasn’t back to business as usual. They returned “glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen” (v. 20). They went back to the same work, but they did so with a different attitude. Life had suddenly taken on a new dimension. What God had hidden from the high and the mighty He had revealed to them. They were included in God’s cosmic plan.

In addition, they now had a responsibility. “They made known what had been told them about this child” (v. 17). Good news is for sharing.

May we, having knelt at the manger, again be amazed at the wonder of it all. May we leave the manger with a new confidence, a new hope, a new attitude, and a new desire to tell others. God has reached down, and we are creatures of destiny and purpose. We return to business, but not as usual.


Father, may others in this coming week be able to detect that we have been at the manger. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.