Spiritual Dehydration

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 4:9-15

Water the substance that we can’t survive without for more than a day or two.

Water the substance that, when bubbling from a fountain in the park, no child can resist.

Water the lack of which can cause prisoners to lick the walls of their cells.

Water the substance that people will pay a fortune to ride on or live beside.

Water the substance beside which the Good Shepherd leads (Ps. 23:2), which the prophet offers without money and without price (Isa.55:1), and which in the vision of John the Apostle is as bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God (Rev. 22:1).

Water the symbol of people’s greatest need, the lack of which can cause spiritual dehydration.

The woman of Samaria obviously had a personal thirst she had tried to quench in all the wrong ways five ill-fated marriages and now a live-in lover in a day when one failed marriage was rare and when “living together” was cause for shunning.

What we really thirst for, says Jesus, cannot be derived from any outside source. It can come only from the inside, a miracle of God’s Holy Spirit. What God provides is not temporary relief for a thirsty psyche, but an ongoing source of refreshment for the soul. Not just a sip, but a bubbling spring.


Lord, if I am seeking to quench my thirst in all the wrong places, show me a better way. Amen.