What is True Worship?

LeRoy Koopman

READ : John 4:16-26

What’s the proper way to worship?

Cathedral? Store front? White clapboard? Brick colonial? Contemporary?

Center pulpit? Divided chancel?

Lectionary? Some lectionary? No lectionary? Topical?

Medieval plainsong? Bach? Fanny Crosby? Gaither? Praise songs? Hymnals? Projected music?

Choir loft? Robes? Paid choir? Soloist? Recorded accompaniment?

Piano? Pipe organ? Electronic organ? Synthesizer? Guitar? Drums?

The passing of the peace? Say hello to your neighbor?

Drama? Children’s sermon? Children’s church?

Candles? Incense? Processional? Recessional?

Videos? Liturgical dances? Clowns? Flags? Flowers? Banners?

Greeters? Name tags? Boutonnieres?

Speak in tongues? Raise hands? Swing and sway?

According to Jesus (v. 24), there are just two requirements for worship: (1) in spirit, and (2) in truth.

If you worship in spirit and in truth, you are participating in true worship. All else is style.


Help us, Father, to understand what is truly important in worship and what is merely personal preference. In Jesus’ name. Amen.