Role Models

Chester Droog

READ : Luke 6:39-42

In our lesson for today, Jesus uses three illustrations to give us a great spiritual truth. He calls them a parable. He begins by reminding us of the tragedy of a blind person leading another blind person. Next he reminds us of the great responsibility of being a teacher. Lastly, he reminds us of the inconsistency of a self- righteous brother finding fault with a brother who is far less deserving of such criticism.

Although the three illustrations may not seem to have anything in common, all three teach one truth: Christians are to be role models. Those who follow them should not fall into sin; those who are taught by them should not learn falsehood; those who imitate them should not be critical of others but be more willing to examine themselves concerning their own faults and failures.

There are three questions we need to ask ourselves on this second day of the new year. Will those who follow in our footsteps in 1997 be lead in the paths of holiness? Will those who learn from us grow in their understanding of the Christian faith? Will those who imitate us be complimentary of others and less boastful of self?

The gift of the new year carries with it a great responsibility. Let us welcome it and prove to be worthy of this great trust the Lord has placed in us. Let us be role models of which Christ can be proud.


Lord Jesus, make me a worthy role model in 1997. Amen.