The Great Encourager

Chester Droog

READ : Matthew 13:1-23

The 13th chapter of Matthew records seven parables of Jesus. The parable of the sower was told shortly after the Pharisees had accused Jesus of being in league with the devil, and along with some of the scribes, demanded He work a miracle to prove He was the Christ. What were these uneducated fishermen to make of this? Were they being too gullible, too ready to follow Jesus? It was because of this wavering doubt that Jesus told this parable which explained the falling away of the crowds but also served as an encouragement to the disciples to remain faithful. Some of the good seed (could it be a fourth?) would fall in good soil and produce thirty, sixty and a hundred fold. The disciples did not need to question the truths or claims of Jesus. He was the promised Messiah, the very Son of God.

Friend, let this parable remove any doubt from our minds concerning Jesus Christ. Not all who hear the Word will believe and become obedient disciples, but if we are faithful in the sowing of the good seed, His kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven. If I told you that one out of four persons who heard the good news would believe, would that be encouragement enough for you to tell others about our Lord?


Lord Jesus, thank You for Your encouragement. I know You to be the Son of the Living God. Amen.