Do We Need Satan?

Chester Droog

READ : Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

“The kingdom of heaven is like. . . .” and then follows an intriguing story, foreign to us but not to those who heard it from the lips of Jesus. The sowing of a wheat-like weed in another’s field was not unknown to Jesus’ audience. It was a malicious and cowardly act, devastating to the farmer, as it reduced the value of his crop to almost nothing. Roman law made it a major crime.

The explanation of the parable gives us a number of biblical truths, but for today let us consider verse 39, “And the enemy who sows them is the devil.” Until recently little has been made of the devil. His existence is barely mentioned. But that is changing. The November 13, 1995 issue of NEWSWEEK contains a seven-page article entitled: “Do We Need Satan?” The author writes, “Wherever we turn, the century now drawing to a close has witnessed evil on a scale unmatched by any other.” He raises the question of whether this evil can be accounted for without a belief in the devil.

Is there a devil? Jesus makes it abundantly clear that the devil is real and that he is involved in the awful, brutal, inhuman things happening in our world today. It is impossible to understand the evil in our world once you stop believing in the devil. He is alive and well.


Father, thank You that through Jesus Christ, You have delivered me from the power of the devil. Amen.