The Search

Chester Droog

READ : Matthew 13:45-46

There is one noticeable difference between yesterday’s parable and the one we study today. The hired man found the treasure accidentally, the merchant finds the pearl after a long search. Once he finds this pearl, he sells all his pearls of lesser value and buys the one for which he had been searching. This is a picture of the person who tries fame and fortune, play and pleasure, philosophies and religions, but nothing really satisfies. Then in his search for purpose and meaning in life he discovers that which meets all of his needs, the pearl of great price, Jesus Christ.

Today also, by the work of God’s Spirit, people find the pearl of great price. All over the world, they hear the gospel and believe. One way is through the broadcasts of Words of Hope, focusing on languages in which the gospel has never been broadcast before. Believing in Christ, many make a public commitment to Him. When this happens, God and His people rejoice.

If there is someone reading this devotional who is still searching for meaning and fulfillment in life, I offer to you Jesus, the true Pearl of Great Price. Claim Him as your own.


Dear God, grant that those who are searching for that which truly satisfies may find the Christ. In His precious name. Amen.