Why Doesn't God Do Something?

Chester Droog

READ : Matthew 13:47-51

The parable of the net has much in common with the parable of the weeds that we studied last Sunday. There is one noticeable difference. There is no mention of the devil in today’s parable. The emphasis is clearly on the end of the age when evil will be judged and receive its just punishment.

Jesus was presenting Himself as the promised Messiah. The Jews believed that they would recognize the Messiah by His establishment of a Kingdom of righteousness and justice. Since Jesus was not establishing such a Kingdom how could He be the promised Messiah? He addresses that kind of thinking in this parable. He was the Messiah but He had not come to destroy Satan and cast out evil at once, but to usher in the age of grace. This did not mean that Satan would not be dealt with or that evil would go unpunished. Far from it, that will come at the end of the age.

Friends, how do you understand the patience of God toward the evil things that are happening in our world today? Doesn’t God care? Is He helpless to hold back evil and the evil one? Jesus answers our questions. There will be judgment. There is a hell! If you take the judgment out of the world, you are stuck with a world that doesn’t make sense.


Father, thank You for Jesus Christ who has removed my fear of the judgment. Amen.