Prayers for the Helpless

Chester Droog

READ : Luke 18:1-8

Only three of the many parables of Jesus are about prayer. We considered one of them yesterday; today we consider a second. Both teach the need for fervency and persistence in prayer. But it is worth noting that today’s parable seems to speak to a specific audience. In Jesus’ day there were many who were poor, exploited and oppressed. It is to them that He addresses this parable. He encourages them to be fervent and persistent in their prayers, never giving up hope. If a merciless, heartless, unjust judge would eventually hear the cries of the widow who was too poor to buy favor, too weak to compel, a hopeless prey to all who oppressed her, how much more would a God of mercy and justice hear the prayers of the lonely and the powerless. It is a parable addressed to all who find life difficult and even unfair. A just and righteous God is going to hear your cries for help.

Maybe there are some who read these words today who feel victimized and powerless, helpless and hopeless. I think of those who have been caught in the down sizing that is taking place in America. I think of those who are being treated unjustly around the world. Where can they turn? Turn to Him who is not indifferent to the burdens, heartaches and problems of His people. Cry out to Him fervently and persistently. He will answer your cries.


Lord Jesus, revive my spirit, restore my hope and give me the faith to believe that You hear my prayers. Amen.