Planning for Retirement

Chester Droog

READ : Luke 12:13-21

A question on a recent survey of senior citizens read: “What is your greatest fear?” A question which only a few years ago would have solicited the answer: “death,” today was answered, “outliving my resources.” I’m willing to give the farmer in our story the benefit of the doubt and believe that this too was one of his fears. He thought if he built bigger barns he wouldn’t have to fear outliving his resources. Saving for one’s later years is commendable. In some ways I’m a little surprised that Jesus was so critical of the farmer. To call the man a fool was a bit harsh.

But the story has its point. It has to do with one’s attitude while planning for the future. It sets forth some important principles when preparing for retirement and for that matter living in retirement. Principle number one: Live by faith. No matter how big our barns we never outlive our need to put our trust in a loving, caring God. Principle number two: Life is more than eating and drinking. Big barns do not assure happiness. Money cannot buy health, sleep, peace of mind, love, reputation or heaven. Principle number three: Be generous. Never let your savings be at the expense of others. Remember your loved ones. Remember your church. Remember those ministries that depend upon your gifts for their support.


Father, help me to be a better steward of what You have given to me. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.