You're Invited

Chester Droog

READ : Luke 14:15-24

Most tasks of a servant are menial. But the servant in our story today was given an exciting assignment. He was to go to the family and friends of his employer and invite them to the social event of the year. Can you imagine his enthusiasm as he approached each with the message: “YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED BY SIMON OF BETHANY TO A BANQUET AT THE JERUSALEM HILTON, ON THE SECOND DAY OF NISAN.” How surprised he must have been at the response he received. One after another excuses were given for not being able to accept the invitation. But then he remembered, he was not responsible for the response, only for extending the invitation. And then came an even greater surprise as he was ordered back into the streets to invite the beggars, the homeless, the prostitutes and literally anyone he could find to the banquet. But he was not responsible for making out the guest list, only for announcing the invitation to the banquet.

Come to think about it, isn’t that the case with each of us who serve the resurrected Christ? We are not responsible for the response of those who are invited, nor for that matter, not even for the guest list. We need only proclaim that the King has come and requests their presence at His banquet. Have I invited anyone lately? Have you?


Jesus, thank You for assigning me the task of inviting others to Your banquet. Amen.