More Joy

Chester Droog

READ : Luke 15:8-10

Our parable for today has exactly the same theme as the parable we studied yesterday. Jesus obviously wanted to make sure that His followers understand what it is that makes for joy in heaven.

How can something done here on this earth below cause heaven to rejoice? Could it be that heaven, which knows all too well what sin does to us, to our homes, our relationships, yes, to all of life, also knows how true sorrow for sin restores to us the joy, the love, the happiness which God has meant for us? The angels in heaven rejoice because they know all too well the misery of a lost sinner even as they know the inexpressible joy of the saved sinner. Recently it was my privilege to be a part of the joy of two wonderful parents whose wayward son had a miraculous conversion. How they rejoiced in the changed life of their son. What a joy it was to hear him tell of his new life in Jesus Christ. If parents and friends can know such joy, think of the joy in heaven when one sinner repents.

Is it possible that if we thought more of the joy in heaven over the salvation of the lost that we would be more bold in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those about us?


Father, thank You for the joy of the repentant heart. Through Jesus, our Lord. Amen.