Wisdom from the World

Chester Droog

READ : Luke 16:1-9

The parable we study today is probably the strangest of all of Jesus’ parables. Every character in the story is a scoundrel. The manager was a thief and a liar. The debtors willingly participated in a fraud. Even the landowner reveals a shady side as he commends the manager for his shrewdness. What was Jesus teaching His disciples? I don’t think we would have a clue if He hadn’t said, “For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light” (v. 8).

The parable certainly is not meant to encourage dishonesty and cheating. Its sole intent is to teach His followers to be as diligent and prudent in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ as the characters in the story were diligent and resourceful in what they did. It reminds me of the time I purchased a new car. I was surprised to find every car salesman talking to me about his church. What kind of a revival had these men attended? I had not announced that I was a minister. Then I remembered that I had the emblem of a fish on the back of my car. These car salesmen were observant opportunists who didn’t miss a trick to try to influence me to purchase their car.

Oh, that I was as quick and prudent to notice opportunities and openings to talk with others about my faith.


Lord Jesus, make me as wise as the men of the world in advancing Your kingdom. Amen.