Why do Men Reject Him?

Chester Droog

READ : Matthew 21:33-35

The parable we study today is one of only seven that are recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke. All three agree on its meaning. The landowner is God; the vineyard is the Jewish nation; the renters are the religious leaders; the servants who are sent to collect the rent are the Old Testament prophets; the son who is seized and killed is Jesus Christ. The parable tells of the approaching rejection and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The three gospel writers make it clear that the chief priests, elders and Pharisees knew Jesus was talking about them. How tragic that a parable so clearly understood did not result in a change of heart and mind, but no, they still carried out their cruel plan to get rid of Him.

There is that within the human heart that rejects God, that wants nothing to do with Him. It finds His presence unnerving, His power threatening, His commandments oppressive and His teachings irrelevant. Some are belligerent in their rejection while others through their indifference make it clear that they want nothing to do with Him. How utterly foolish! God loves you. He loves you so much He gave His Son to die for you. How much wiser to welcome His presence, believe in His power, obey His commandments and live according to His teachings. Don’t reject Him, receive Him.


O God, thank You for Jesus, my Savior and Lord. Amen.