Pray For Others

Helen Brownson

READ : Job 42:7-12

“And the Lord restored the fortunes to Job when he had prayed for his friends” (v. 10).

Our circumstances begin to change when we stop concentrating on our own pain and need and begin to intercede for others. Christ Himself modeled this when He prayed for weak believers (Luke 22:32), for those who crucified Him (Luke 23:34), and for his disciples (John 14:16). He lives now in heaven, also interceding for us (Heb. 7:25, Rom. 8:34).

Abraham interceded for Lot. Moses prayed for his people and for the healing of his sister Miriam. Samuel and David prayed for their people. King Hezekiah asked God for victory in his kingdom also. Job prayed for his friends.

In the New Testament, the Roman officer prayed for his servant, and mothers asked for healing for their children. Four friends brought their paralytic friends to Jesus. Mary and Martha asked Jesus for healing for their brother Lazarus.

Think of how in all these instances, the persons who prayed also changed, developing courage, perseverance, humility and trust in the Lord. Something happens in us when we focus our prayers on others!

This month we’ll offer a prayer nugget each day to remind us of some aspect of prayer. Remember to pray for others.


Help us, Lord, to pray for others.