Find a Quiet Place for Concentrated Prayer

Helen Brownson

READ : Luke 5:12-16

“But he would withdraw to deserted places and pray” (v. 16).

The newscasters and reporters tell us we are a nation besieged with stress. The pace of our lives demands time for quietness. Jesus said it: “Come apart and rest awhile.” He practiced it, too.

But how? Our circumstances often find “quiet times” impossible. Here are some suggestions: Take the children with you into their play area. Lock the door, kneel at a chair or couch and cover your head with cloth your own place of meeting with God. Or lock the bathroom door and turn that room into a sanctuary. Put a bath stool in your shower and find your retreat there as you raise your arms to God. Walk in the out-of-doors and pray as you walk. Use your car as your roving prayer room. Plug Scriptures into your computer and meditate quietly (others will not even know!). Pause in front of your sink or workbench and post Scriptures above it on a shelf. Put the Bible on tape on your recorder and pray while you do your chores. Pray while you rock children, crochet, mow the lawn, repair the house, sew, clean, dust, weed, or prepare meals. Let’s begin to enjoy a more prayerful, quiet life!


Lord, give us the determination to carve out time for quiet with You.