If You are Sick or in Trouble, Pray

Helen Brownson

READ : James 5:13-20

“Are any among you suffering? They should pray . . .” (v. 13).

A recent study in California followed up on a number of people who had experienced heart attacks. All received subsequent medical care, but half of the persons’ names were given to praying persons to pray for by name. The other half were given only medical attention. The surprising results indicated that those who were remembered in prayer remained healthier and did not experience another heart attack, but some in the other group did! Godly doctors believe in prayer because they know they are not the ultimate healers only God’s assistants. They know, too, that sickness often involves more than a physical condition.

We need to “confess our sins to each other,” and pray, says James. Something of in-depth healing occurs when we address the whole person in one another. We can’t separate what happens to our physical bodies from our spiritual and mental well- being. Yet how often we wait to pray until after we have tried every human means possible!

God is so practical! “What’s your problem?” He asks. “In trouble? Sick? Committed a sin? Find somebody and pray.” It’s that simple.


Thank You, Lord, for Your all-sufficient answer to our need! In Jesus’ name. Amen.