When People Pray They Assume Many Postures

Helen Brownson

READ : Genesis 24:12-21, 26

“The man bowed his head and worshiped the Lord” (v. 26).

I love to walk on the Lake Michigan beach and pray. Sometimes we hold hands at the table and talk to God. Some in our family kneel.

God’s people assume many postures in prayer. Abraham’s servant, the elders of Israel, Aaron, and Moses all bowed down to the ground. Solomon and Ezra bowed down and stretched their arms toward heaven. Daniel went to his upstairs window, kneeled facing Jerusalem, and prayed three times a day.

Jesus knelt at the Mount of Olives and Stephen fell on his knees to pray when he was being stoned. Peter knelt when he prayed for a dead woman and Paul knelt on the beach with the disciples of Tyre. Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Elisha, Jehosaphat, and Jesus all are recorded to have fallen on their faces prostrate before God. Solomon stood before the Lord, spread out his hands toward heaven, and prayed. Jesus spoke to His followers about standing to pray, and the sinner in the parable stood when he prayed. Moses lay prostrate before the Lord, and Enoch walked with God.

What wonderful examples God gives us to encourage many reverent postures when we pray!


Lord, thank You that we may freely come to You in many postures when we pray. In Jesus’ name. Amen.