We Can Exercise Faith for Others

Helen Brownson

READ : Mark 2:1-12

“When Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven” (v. 5).

You are a family of five, but one of you is not a believer and has never committed herself to the Lord. You agonize and try to preach the gospel to her. You wonder how to persuade her to come to Jesus. Finally, the four of you who believe come to Christ and present your loved one to Him. You agree together to believe God for her salvation. Then Christ notes your great faith on behalf of your loved one and pronounces her forgiven!

That’s how it happened for the paralytic, and God, through this account, encourages us to believe that when we pray for another, God will answer, even though the individual for whom we pray seems to have no faith. When God lays a person on our heart, we can be assured that He cares and hears our cries. I had a grandmother who prayed for me. When my husband did not know Christ, he was helped toward believing by a good friend. Parents pray for children and children for parents.

Think back in your own life and remember how others prayed you into the kingdom. Now you can intercede for others and believe God to work His wonders.

I want to have that kind of trust, don’t you?


Dear Lord, give us the faith to believe for those who have not yet come to You, and save them as we claim Your promises for them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.