What Is Truth?

Susan Damon

READ : Matthew 22:34-40

Trudy’s father managed an experimental farm for the Dutch government. After the Germans occupied Holland, they took over the farm. Suddenly, says Trudy with a grin, the prosperous, efficiently run farm had a couple of very bad years. Pigs died, crops failed, and chickens refused to lay at least according to the records Trudy’s father kept for the Germans!

What really happened, of course, is that the records were falsified, and food that was supposed to go to the German army was secretly diverted to neighbors.

As people of God, we try to be truthful and honest. But Jesus made it clear that underlying and interpreting all God’s laws is the Law of Love, love for God and neighbor. If Trudy’s father had been truthful in a rigid, legalistic way, he would have kept accurate farm records. But to feed evil and starve the innocent would have violated the underlying law of love.

Jesus does not allow us to be wishy-washy about right and wrong, but neither does He give us easy answers. Instead, He calls us to prayer, reflection on Scripture, and examination of our deepest thoughts and motives. In a broken and confused world, He calls us always to do the most difficult thing to love.


Lord, give us the strength and courage to wrestle with the demands of love in our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.