Making Room for Christ

Susan Damon

READ : Matthew 25:31-40

The war was hardest on people in the city. In the country at least there was food. But during the long, bitter-cold winter before the war ended, thousands of city people starved to death.

Other thousands streamed into the countryside, walking for miles, carrying clothing, linens, silverware and anything else they could trade for food. Some wandered from house to house, looking for a meal and a place to spend the night. Parents looked for places to leave their children until the war was over.

The country people, poor as they were, did what they could to help…a sack of potatoes, a hot meal, a bed of clean straw in the hay loft. Once each week Trudy’s family walked to the post office to mail pumpernickel bread to their city cousins. Several city children lived with Dorothy’s family during the war.

Truly those were desperate times. But today also many have desperate needs. Our newspapers, televisions, and city streets confront us with their cries. Sometimes all we are asked for is spare change, or a bit of food. But sometimes we are asked to rearrange our lives to make room for the Christ, who comes to us in the guise of the sick, the hungry, and the imprisoned. May God give us all the strength and compassion to answer Christ’s call, whatever it may be!


Lord Jesus, may we minister to You today, in whatever form You come to us. Amen.